Our Classes

“Loosen, Lengthen and Strengthen” classes draw upon the fundamentals of Yoga, Pilates, and Myofascial Release. Each hour-long class is divided into four components: Warm-up, strengthening, loosening/lengthening, and a brief cool-down. After raising your body’s core temperature during the warm-up, we do strengthening movements that target the deep, postural and structural muscle groups. This may include some abdominal crunches, balance work, and other core strengtheners.

For the loosening portion of the class, props such as foam cylinders and small, inflatable balls are used. Utilizing the breath and the natural force of gravity, “stuck” areas become looser, causing an increase in mobility, ease of movement and better range motion.
After your muscles are warmer and feel looser, the lengthening portion of the class begins. The purpose of using the term ‘lengthening’ and not stretching is that there is an emphasis on extension, not simply pushing and pulling our muscles apart. By lengthening through extension, your joint capsules are protected and stabilized, thus reducing the risk of injury or overstretching.

All levels of fitness are encouraged to participate, keeping in mind you will be either standing upright or on the floor for the majority of the class, so you need to be mobile enough to move easily between being horizontal and vertical. Those with joint replacements should be cautioned that some of the movements are contraindicated. If in doubt, contact your doctor. Prepared to be challenged in a fun and accepting atmosphere.